59 percent of college students are at high levels of food insecurity.

One thing that's clear is that colleges and universities need to be having this conversation and learning more about the problems their students may be facing, stated L-pez-Cevallos. There might be actions to take locally that may help, and policies that may be considered nationally. Nonetheless it does appear that is an extremely serious issue that has not received adequate attention, and we have to explore it further. .. 59 percent of college students are at high levels of food insecurity , shows study One of the few studies of it is type has discovered that a startling 59 % of college students at one Oregon university were meals insecure at some time during the previous yr, with possible implications for academic achievement, emotional and physical health insurance and other issues.At present, only 10 % of the population estimated to get food is actually receiving it and just 20 % of these who require water are getting it,’ mainly because of lack of usage of affected areas. ‘Public health applications in the area have already been interrupted and there exists a great demand for post emergency interventions because of the preexisting vulnerability of the population to dengue, malaria and additional vector-borne diseases.’ The 27 inches of rain that fell in January caused significant flooding in the most densely populated areas of Guyana, with more than 70,000 people in the Georgetown region and at least 100,000 in coastal regions suffering from the floods seriously.