ACSI reports that customer satisfaction with energy utilities increases 0.

Other gainers include Improvement Energy, jumping 7 percent to an ACSI rating of 78, and Atmos , FirstEnergy , NextEra Energy , and Entergy , all with 4 percent improvements. For Pepco Holdings, the news headlines isn’t positive. Only PG&E’s 33 percent plunge a decade ago was larger. This time, PG&E descends again, albeit somewhat less dramatically, falling 4 percent to 67 and reaching its lowest level since 2005. ‘Pepco has had reliability problems during the past, but not as severe as last year with regular and wide-ranging outages compounded by belated customer support response.’ HEALTHCARE: Hospitals Make Fast Recovery Patient fulfillment with healthcare improves by nearly 2 percent to 78.4 because of a 5.5 percent jump for private sector hospitals that follows a downturn twelve months ago.Laura Ferris, director of scientific trials in dermatology at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, said the brand new research incorporated an interesting approach by showing study participants photos of your skin conditions involved in the questions. Ferris said she expectations the extensive research can dispel the myth that persistent skin circumstances such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and vitiligo are infectious. It’s important to recognize that of all of the circumstances they reported on, non-e are fatal illnesses, she said. The study shows the truly profound psychological effect of these diseases, and not in the attention of the person afflicted just. It speaks to the need for good treatments for these diseases.