Patel helped found Neighbors Health System in 2008.

Setul G. Patel is qualified to receive the EY Business owner of the Year national award, which will be announced on November 14th in Palm Springs, California. The champion of the nationwide award will continue to compete for the World Entrepreneur of the entire year Award in June 2016 in Monaco. The Neighbors Emergency Center freestanding emergency areas have been voted ‘THE VERY BEST ER’ in Baytown, TX, ‘#1 ER’ in Pearland, TX and among Houston's Top Workplaces.Acne Solutions – Getting To The Root Of The nagging problem It is hard to trust that though we live in the age of pc technology where cloning of humans has become possible, it really is still difficult to find effective acne solutions. Before we enter the solutions, let’s have a look at what acne is 1st. What is acne? Pimples is a condition of the skin where the sebaceous glands make excess essential oil which clogs your skin pores. The oiliness attracts dead and grime cells leading to a fantastic environment for parasites to multiply.