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On the contrary, in the event of FUE, follicular products are extracted from the bald resistant area of the head one by one, examined under microscope and placed in the recipient area meticulously. Thus, what the patient is left with are less visible dotted scars rather than a linear one. For those who want to wear their hair short or prefer experimenting with new hair styles, FUE is the most appropriate technique to opt for. After intensive debate on the locks restoration discussion forum, it’s been concluded, both techniques have their own cons and pros, which one an individual is going for depends very much on his/her aesthetic goals and specific needs. Price wise, FUT is a genuine way less economic treatment compared to FUE.The pressure was developing. I was having a heart attack. With the help of the E-M-Ts, hospital staff, doctors at Sinai Medical center of Baltimore, family members, work, fitness buddies, book club, neighbors, friends and the LifeBridge Cardiac Rehabilitation plan, I continue to get healthier each day. Related StoriesResearch shows winter can increase risk of severe form of heart attackModerate beer intake protects women from center attacksSexual activity rarely causes center attackHaving a coronary attack was just like a death to me. I lost who I was. I was in a sort of mourning for months later on. I was extremely scared. I did not want to leave my child! It took a physical and psychological toll on me that a change in lifestyle has helped me get over. I have used all medical and health advice to heart.