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If the condom has fallen or broken off during sex or has leaked, discuss the chance of being pregnant or transmitting sexually transmitted illnesses together with your partner. Find your doctor. A woman may decide to use crisis contraception . Emergency contraception ought to be used within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Wash your sexual organs with water and soap immediately to help reduce the chance to getting an STD. A woman may wish to put in an applicator of spermicide into her vagina as soon as possible. Condoms can break or fall off during make use of certainly, but studies show that this happens if used properly rarely.Injuries among older bicyclists have jumped dramatically recently, investigators from the University of California, San Francisco , found. And they aren’t talking about small scrapes and bruises. Between 1998 and 2013, bike injuries among all adults older than 18 increased 28 %, while medical center admissions jumped 120 %. Mind traumas went from 10 % to 16 % of all injuries in the same period, the report found. It turns out that older bicyclists fueled much of the upsurge in injuries, especially ones that required a trip to the emergency section.