AETNAs nutrition program to counter childhood obesity Aetna Better Wellness.

AETNA’s nutrition program to counter childhood obesity Aetna Better Wellness , aetna Medicaid and CHIP Providers formerly, today announced an eight-week nutrition and workout program for children at the North Fort Well worth Branch of the Children Clubs of Greater Fort Worth. The pilot program, named ACTIVATE Kids, was created to educate children on the risks of childhood weight problems. The young children can acquire privileges to play on Wii Suit and Wii Resort, which prompts kids to use various forms of exercise to comprehensive games .

AFH Keeping & Advisory donates funds to support children with cancer AFH Holding & Advisory, a monetary advisory and consulting company, has donated to Lifedriven Base, a non profit dedicated to finding a cure for cancer and offering support to kids and their own families affected by the condition. The business was founded in 2006 by Chris Angelo Term, a survivor of cancer of the colon, who during his rehabilitation, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center saw children battling tumor. It had been then that the vision was had by him to start out Lifedriven Foundation and to inspire children to be Lifedriven.