Infant Deaths At Lowest Rate Ever: CDC: THURSDAY.

In 2013, infants born at 37 to 38 weeks of gestation had death rates 63 % higher than for babies born at complete term, based on the report. For multiple births, the infant death rate was nearly 26 per 1,000 births. That’s five situations the rate among single births, the experts said. Other causes of infant deaths include sudden infant death syndrome and accidents, Mathews said. Also in 2013, 36 % of infant deaths were due to preterm-related causes, such as for example short gestation and low birth excess weight. Another 15 % were due to sudden, unexpected infant loss of life, including unspecified causes and accidental strangulation and suffocation during intercourse, the researchers said.The aim of the project is to develop and register a new pediatric formulation of the antiparasitic drug praziquantel, recommended simply by the global world Wellness Organization for the treating schistosomiasis. The disease affects more than 240 million people worldwide, many of them kids in developing countries. Around thousands of deaths per year are attributed to the condition, making it third only to malaria and soil-transmitted helminthiasis when it comes to impact among parasitic illnesses. Related StoriesArtemisinin and the fight against malaria: an interview with Dr.