After Heart Attack.

Forty-six % of current smokers quit smoking within a full year after their heart attacks, the researchers found. Patients who had never smoked had the very best health by the end of the follow-up period. The fitness of smokers who didn’t quit after their heart attack continuing to decline. They were more likely to have chest discomfort, poorer physical functioning and quality of life, along with even worse mental health, the scholarly study revealed. Levels of chest discomfort and mental wellness among smokers who quit before their heart attack and of smokers who quit within a 12 months after their coronary attack were similar to that of sufferers who never smoked, the study found.Gordon said his analysis wasn’t intended to emphasize the need for treatment, but to emphasize the severe nature of liver damage among hepatitis C sufferers. Regardless of the high cost of treatment, Cox said, it’s cost-effective for those with advanced liver disease whose health care costs already are climbing. Preventing hepatitis C infection is essential, she added, and scientists are developing an effective vaccine for the illness. ‘This study highlights that we have effective steps for detecting liver disease,’ she said, ‘plus they have to be widely implemented.’..