Agilux implements Thermo Watson LIMS for bioanalytical services Agilux Laboratories.

Watson enhances this capability and provides a standardized bioanalytical workflow which allows for effective and compliant sample handling, data processing, and reporting. ‘In addition, it permits customization so we are able to efficiently meet our client’s requirements. We want to have the ability to provide accurate, compliant data in a customer specified format as fast as possible,’ said Brian Lilley Sr. Director of GLP Bioanalysis. ‘It is an essential component in our commitment to lead the sector by generating ‘Better Data Faster’ said Jim Jersey, President and CEO at Agilux, ‘Watson is definitely a central component of that IT infrastructure.’..His colleague investigator, Khai-Linh Van Ho, M.D, Mayo Clinic urology fellow, agrees. That is good news. We found the stones didn’t affect the function of the kidney. As considerably as we realize with 26 months of follow-up, we’ve got no loss of kidneys from obstruction. The grafted kidney survival price was 97 % – – the same as the national survival price for living kidney donation. That’s relatively safe. In the Mayo study, a retrospective radiograph and chart overview of 710 donor kidneys, 44 had stones.