Portable device that could be worn by blind people and help them to navigate outside.

The system is mounted inside glasses and cannot be seen by others because it uses infrared light. The M1 has been examined by blind users who are able to recognise items extensively, such as for example trees and chairs, from the sound picture they receive. A second version provides two digital video cameras to either part of a helmet. It can detect moving items and predict their route. The University of Marche has also worked closely with the Cavazza Institute to create a complementary GPS location system.These annual reports have grown to be critical tools for scientists, public health professionals, and policymakers in assessing the existing burden of malignancy to help prioritize attempts to fight the disease. The estimates are some of the most quoted cancer statistics in the world widely. The Society’s leading team of epidemiologic researchers compiles and analyzes incidence and mortality data to estimate the amount of new cancer instances and deaths for the current calendar year nationwide and in individual states. The expected amounts of new cancer cases and cancer deaths should be interpreted with caution because these estimates are based on statistical models and could vary considerably from 12 months to year.