The Associated Press: ‘Federal government officials say elective abortion is certainly barred under the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. It offers coverage to people turned down by private insurers due to medical problems, at rates comparable to what the healthy pay. National Right to Life and various other abortion opponents say rules for the scheduled system have not been obviously spelled out, and that could open just how for taxpayer-subsidized insurance of elective abortion.The added advantage was thought to be not proven because the contents of the dossier had been incomplete. The pharmaceutical company could obtain a reassessment of vandetanib within a changeover period and submit a fresh dossier to the Federal government Joint Committee . ‘Best supportive treatment’ as the appropriate comparator therapy In the recently submitted dossier, the company now presented an evaluation of data for sufferers who were treated based on the approval status. As specified by the G-BA, vandetanib was compared with ‘best supportive treatment’. This means the perfect supportive therapy, optimized for the average person patient for alleviation of symptoms and improvement in the standard of life.