Research has discovered that one reason is actually a sensitivity to bitterness.

Adding a dip can induce bitter sensitive children to eat more vegetables There’s an existential crisis that often happens at supper tables in the united states: why won’t kids eat their vegetables? Research has discovered that one reason is actually a sensitivity to bitterness, pretty common among children – about 70 % own it articles . But a new research led by Jennifer Orlet Fisher, director of the Family Consuming Laboratory at Temple’s Center for Obesity Analysis and Education, has found that adding handful of dip to a serving of vegetables helped bitter delicate children eat more of them. The scholarly study, published on line this complete month in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, studied 152 pre-school aged children in the Head Start program who were served broccoli at snack time over a 7-week period, and found that providing 2.5 ounces of ranch dressing as a dip increased broccoli consumption by 80 % among bitter-sensitive children.

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