Advergames promote foods that are filled with fat.

Advergames promote foods that are filled with fat, sugar and sodium, say researchers Not only carry out some online video gaming promote a less-than-active way of living for children, the content of a few of these games may be adding to unhealthy diets also. A group of Michigan State University researchers took a closer look at what exactly are known as advergames and found they tend to promote foods that are chock full of fat, sugar and sodium. An advergame is defined as an online video game that promotes a specific product, company or service by integrating it into the game, and is offered for free typically.This is the highest premium quality storable fruit and veggies grown on our world. The only thing better than this is growing you own and picking it new out from the garden . Some companies offering freeze-dried foods won’t let you know the united states of origin. Others make use of hidden fillers and flow agents . But here at Natural News with our Storable Organics products we use no fillers, no flow agents, no hidden ingredients not to mention no materials from China.