We are grateful to Sen also.

AAHSA commends Senator Reid for including CLASS provisions in health reform bill The American Association of Homes and Providers for the Aging commends Senator Reid for his leadership on ensuring that the city Living and Supportive Solutions Strategy provisions are included in the Senate’s wellness reform bill. Long-term services and facilitates are an important part of healthcare and the financing of these is in dire want of reform. We are grateful to Sen also. Dodd for carrying the torch for Sen. Kennedy on the CLASS provisions, Sen. Gregg for bringing bipartisan support along with his significant contributions to the Course Strategy, and Sen. Baucus for supplying improvements in Medicare and Medicaid that can help seniors and younger people with disabilities.The risk of loss of life was analyzed through a univariate Cox proportional-hazards model; chances ratios had been calculated and Fisher’s exact check was performed for dichotomous categorical variables. Constant data were tested through the Wilcoxon rank-sum test. All reported P ideals are two-sided and were not adjusted for multiple assessment. Results Study Patients The number of emergency room visits for pneumonia or influenza-like illness increased considerably at the INER in Mexico City during the last week of March 2009, peaking in past due April and decreasing during the first week of May . From March 24 through April 24, 2009, a total of 214 er consultations for instances of pneumonia or influenza-like illness were registered, 98 of which required hospitalization.