GREAT RESULTS From IVF Egg Donors Over Age 35: TUESDAY.

The experts found, however, that being pregnant and live birth rates involving the old egg donors were not significantly different from those using eggs from younger women. The study’s findings were scheduled for presentation Tuesday at the annual meeting of the American Culture for Reproductive Medicine in Baltimore. The study was also published on-line concurrently in the journal Fertility and Sterility.. GREAT RESULTS From IVF Egg Donors Over Age 35: – TUESDAY, Oct. 20, 2015 – – Outcomes of in vitro fertilization cycles using eggs from older donors are as effective as those using eggs from more youthful women, a new study finds. Because egg quality declines with age, most IVF centers only accept eggs from donors younger than 35, says Resolve, the National Infertility Association, located in McLean, Va.It had been released in the December problem of the Annals of the American Thoracic Culture. The study discovered premature infants are at improved risk for contracting bronchopulmonary dysplasia, a chronic respiratory condition affecting infants born significantly less than 28 weeks of age mainly. BPD primarily affects preterm infants who receive oxygen therapy to greatly help them breathe. The bigger levels of oxygen, and also the elevated pressure from the ventilator utilized for treatment, can result in tissue scarring in their lungs furthermore to other problems from an early on birth. Research has indicated that infants with BPD are at an increased risk for the next advancement of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a progressive disease that makes it harder to breathe.