Through its efficiency in dealing with many disorders including: colds & flu.

He/she will enquire about all your symptoms, checking your pulses and tongue and assessing your body. The practitioner will then make a diagnosis. The treatment shall consist of acupuncture points to ease the symptoms, very clear the pathogen, and strengthen and balance the meridians. Adjunct therapies such as moxibustion, gwa sha , cupping , applying essential oils or herbal linaments etc are often used aswell also. The practitioner will also prescribe specific formulas to kill the virus or secondary bacterias, clear wind temperature or wind cold, alleviate the symptoms and strengthen Qi and immunity. When you initially feel a cool coming on some points you can try are: making new ginger and scallion tea , soaking in a warm ginger bath, and avoiding sugar and dairy .Joern Erselius, Managing Director, Max Planck Advancement GmbH. The continued successful worldwide study of the Tuschl II patent series highlights that this invention is definitely seminal for RNAi, demonstrating the importance of the task performed by Professor Tuschl and additional co-inventors at the Max Planck Institute. Related StoriesUltragenyx, Arcturus sign agreement to develop mRNA therapeutics to particular uncommon diseasesScientists create supercharged bloodstream cell that may heal major wounds, block inflammationSeven new nCounter PanCancer profiles launched to probe tumor biology deeply Patent applications 12/537,602, 12/683,081 and 12/838,786 include statements broadly covering compositions, strategies, and uses for double-stranded RNAs having essential structural components that are widely recognized as important for the therapeutic activity of siRNA, including: two RNA strands with a length of 19-23 or 19-25 nucleotides; at least one strand forms a single-stranded 3' overhang from 1-3 or 1-5 nucleotides; with or without chemical modifications; and the double-stranded RNA molecule cleaves a focus on mRNA at a single site.