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Furthermore, AETC Chicago shall home a robust blood donor program, through which any client may volunteer to possess his or her pet screened to become Donor Hero and give bloodstream every eight to 10 weeks. Program participants advantage by making credit toward AETC solutions and by assisting to save the lives of pets treated at AETC and various other regional veterinary centers. AETC’s blood bank is exclusive to the Chicago area in that it offers blood items to veterinary facilities throughout the entire region.Ways to get Connected Following the completion of a brief self-evaluation on, doctors and their staffs can find out if the software brand and version they are using is certified to generate e-prescriptions compliant with the National Council for Prescription Medication Programs SCRIPT regular, as required by the new Medicare incentives. The SCRIPT regular facilitates the electronic transmitting of prescriptions and prescription-related information. The Get Linked program is equally intended for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and practice management experts who have yet to purchase EMR or other clinical software. The portal provides help with how to evaluate and find technology that supports e-prescribing.