Under the contract.

Abbott to collaborate with Astellas in CMV vaccine trial Abbott has signed an contract to collaborate with Astellas Pharma Global Advancement in a Phase 3 clinical trial for ASP0113 , an investigational vaccine licensed from Vical Incorporated for preventing cytomegalovirus reactivation in transplant individuals read more . Under the contract, Abbott’s RealTime CMV assay, which is conducted on the Abbott m2000 System and intended for investigational only use, will be utilized to monitor sufferers for CMV viral load in order to assess the vaccine’s efficacy. Viral load is normally a measure of the severe nature of a viral infections or the amount of active virus in the blood.

Methylation of genes silences them effectively, and excessive DNA methylation, particularly of genes that control the cell cycle, may promote cancer formation. However, it is unclear if the enzymes that change DNA in this manner target particular genes or whether random adjustments select cells for improved tumorigenic capactiy. In fresh research, Rudolf Jaenisch and colleagues, at the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, investigated DNA methylation in a mouse style of colon cancer. They found that a DNA methylating enzyme, Dnmt3b, targeted particular genes for silencing, and these genes were comparable to those silenced in individual tumors.