Spine and trauma patients.

Sacred Heart Hospital – in Eau Claire, Wis. – may be the first medical center in the national country to utilize this technology configuration for both surgery and diagnostics. Additionally it is the first hospital of its size to have a BrainSUITE with the IMRIS iMRI working suite and eventually the iCT operating suite. And Sacred Heart is among just 17 hospitals in the global world to offer this technology construction for patients. The delicacy of backbone and brain surgery can be compared to tightrope walking, proposes Kamal Thapar, MD, Marshfield Clinic neurosurgeon and director of the Brain & Spine Institute at Sacred Center Hospital. ‘Imagine navigating a tightrope blindfolded. If you deviate off the path, slightly even, you fall. In medical procedures, the Smart OR may be the ultimate tool ensuring that we don’t ‘fall,” Thapar says.Copyright 2009 Advisory Plank Kaiser and Company Family members Foundation. All rights reserved.

Advances in health IT News outlets report upon advances in health information technology. Margaret Morris, a scientific psychologist working at Intel Corp., is normally designing a cell phone app to greatly help manage stress in everyday life, in order to improve mental health insurance and reduce the threat of coronary disease.’ The app, called ‘Mobile phone Therapy,’ asks the user several times during the full day time to report on their mood, energy levels, sleep patterns, diet plan, etc., and then offers exercises based on the results. Her research was recently released in the Journal of Medical Internet Analysis.