A look at how health policy positions can be sold politically.

A look at how health policy positions can be sold politically, accurate or not Marketing experts tackle health policy messaging, as the elected president campaigns for an ally and news organizations fact-check political promises ed help . The New York Instances: Wooing Swing Voters, Both Parties Wary Of Overemphasizing HEALTHCARE Leaders in both celebrations acknowledge that the ruling provides thrown a wrench to their campaigns for control of the home and the Senate. Home Republicans have scheduled another vote next week to attempt to repeal the law. NPR: Ohio Senator Vulnerable For Health Laws Support President Obama hits the advertising campaign trail Thursday with a bus tour in Ohio. Up for re-election there is certainly Democrat Sherrod Brown, who’s getting challenged by the state’s Republican treasurer, Josh Mandel.

A new discovery shows that the mind rewires itself following an experience A fresh discovery from the Brain Mind Institute of the EPFL demonstrates the mind rewires itself following an experience. The research further demonstrates this technique of creation, screening, and reconfiguring of brain circuits occurs on a level of just hours, suggesting that the mind is evolving considerably also during the course of a single day. Scientists know that the effectiveness of the connections between neurons adjustments to shape memories. In addition they understand that the developing mind has a high level of plasticity as neurons forge connections with additional neurons.