Six fresh microarray designs unite the energy of Baylor&39.

Agilent collaborates with Baylor College of Medicine to provide CGH microarrays to researchers Agilent Technologies Inc. Six fresh microarray designs unite the energy of Baylor's data-rich knowledge in genetics research with Agilent's microarray manufacturing features to enable advanced discoveries in malignancy and cytogenetics research read more . The collaboration announcement was shipped at the American Society of Human Genetics conference in Boston last month.

Humans face a similar threat when they drink contaminated plain tap water, for instance, or consume seafood containing estrogenic compounds.. Agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals causing male fish to be egg-carrying mutants A fresh analysis of fish surviving in the Delaware, Ohio and Susquehanna rivers of Pennsylvania has revealed a shocking truth on the subject of the chemicals being sprayed about our food and directed at us as ‘medicine’ . According to a paper published in the journal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, medications and pesticides are nearly transforming otherwise male seafood into egg-carrying universally, ‘intersex’ mutant seafood that are both male and female.