Alnylam announces results from ALN-VSP Phase I study on liver cancers Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

CDT. General, the total results demonstrated disease control lasting more than half a year in the majority of sufferers treated on the expansion study, including a full response within an endometrial cancer patient who got multiple liver metastases. In this study, chronic dosing as high as 23 weeks with ALN-VSP was found to become generally safe and well tolerated. These data include tolerability and safety of multiple doses of ALN-VSP, as well as evidence for anti-tumor activity in this very advanced, heavily pre-treated cancer patient human population.Possible Side Effects Many women who receive the contraceptive shot will notice a noticeable change within their periods. The other unwanted effects that some women have include: irregular or zero menstrual periods weight gain, head aches, and breast tenderness depression The U.S. Food and Medication Administration has released a safety warning with regard to the usage of the long-acting progesterone shot. Studies link this shot to a loss of bone density in women, although bone density may recover whenever a woman is no more getting the shot. Doctors are not sure how this kind of shot may affect the bone relative density of adolescent young ladies later on, though. Young females who are considering the shot as a way of birth control should speak to their doctors about any of it and make sure that they get enough calcium every day.