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Online shopping has transformed just about every product America sells. It started with books, sure, but now it seems like every brick-and-mortar store is becoming obsolete, no matter how essential and personal the purchase. Even home furnishings like kitchen cabinets have started to fall prey to the trend. Why stand in line at Home Depot for supplies and spend a frustrating weekend trying to make your own cabinets when you can order something to your exact specs and have it delivered?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way with everything. Kitchen cabinets and countertops are one of those items still best done locally and handmade, unless you want some inferior-grade marble in your cooking area that chips and stains, or some flimsy cabinet made of Chinese birch that’ll fall apart in a few months. Fortunately, Oklahomans still have several great local options to choose from, the best of which may be Oklahoma City’s The Carpenter Shop.

Don’t let the plain-Jane name fool you. The Carpenter Shop does it all, and does it to spec — not just countertops and cabinets, but vanities, bookcases, entertainment centers, and any and all kitchen and bathroom remodeling. With over 20 years in OKC, they have a great rep, and though their master carpenter got his start decades ago handling traditional Old World distressed cabinets, they’ve since branched out into the increasingly popular European frameless style. Bring in your own design (or designer), or have them help you around the rough spots in your floor plan themselves, they’re incredibly flexible; they’re as concerned with utilitarian use of space as they are with colir and grain. Best of all, they can tell you how to maximize your style and efficiency while keeping costs down. And while they present themselves as cabinet artisans first and foremost, their selection of countertops materials is exhaustive — the owner literally wrote the book on interior countertop design, having penned a section of the school text most interior decorators cut their teeth on, and he’s an expert in granite, quartz, Corian, Formica, soapstone, laminate, and all kinds of marble. Sometimes handmade is not only aesthetically better but a smarter purchase, and The Carpenter Shop is living proof.

Storm Shelters

Storm Shelters

Storm safety, even in this literally rapidly-changing climate, doesn’t seem to be the first place you would look for artisanal craftsmanship, but on the other hand, what better time to rely on the personal touch, the tradition of excellence, the dedication to an ideal? What better to feel safe about than your safe room? If you’re thinking about relying on a community shelter in your hour of need, think again. Most municipalities, even in a state as prone to tornadoes as Oklahoma, don’t have any such emergency structures. And when a tornado hits, you’re already running out of time: the average person only has 10 or 15 minutes to take cover. You need a sage place you can rely on, and you need it on your property.

That’s where Storm Shelters OKC comes in. Despite the name, these aren’t just storm shelters, make no mistake. Each of their structures are tested under tornado conditions by the Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research Center, which means they also meet the rigorous standards set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In fact, their shelters already stood up to the ultimate test, surviving with flying covers the devastating EF5 tornadoes that ripped through Moore, OK in 2013.

Above ground or under ground, in the state of Oklahoma or out, they’ll work with you on a shelter custom-built to your specs and delivered right to your home. In fact, the guys at SSOKC will visit you personally and help you determine the best location for your new structure. All their products are manufactured in-house — no subcontracting out pieces and parts to other, inferior designers and manufacturers. And there’s no need to let the cost send you into your panic room; the Oklahoma Central Credit Union will actually work with you to help finance your shelter. Head over to and they’ll help you manufacture the structure you need to stay safe.

Cooper Street Furniture

Like so many other aspects of the American home, handcrafted furniture is a trend forever on the way out or the way in, and happily, the pendulum seems to be swinging back the correct way in recent years, now that the outlet furniture craze and those celebrity designer lines are burning themselves out. The eternal question remains: Why go through the trouble of finding a neighborhood that fits your personality and a floor plan that matches your lifestyle, then filling your home with furnishings that aren’t only generic but destined for obsolescence?

For Oklahomans, who still like to think of themselves as guardians of that pioneer spirit, there are a number of great artisans to choose from, but the best may be Oklahoma City’s Cooper St. Wood Co. Using only reclaimed and recycled wood, they specialize in tables, chairs, bookcases and consoles so unique and personal that they can only be viewed by appointment. (Their modus operandi isn’t driven by snobbery, either; cutting out the showroom allows them to sell handcrafted items at comparable chain prices, although they do open up their warehouse to the public from time to time with a little advance notice.)

Their bone-inlay collection of dressers and chests, in particular, is unlike anything else in the region, and it’s therefore their signature set. That prestige is reflected in the prices, but when you factor in the relative sturdiness of their product, the excess dollars melt away. Sure, Cooper St. furniture looks raw and real, pieces of living folk art, but they’re also built to be passed down, not just utilized. Want furniture that makes you feel like you’re creating a legacy of your own instead of just a place to park your stuff? Then Cooper is where you want to be; their products give the feel of real permanence, not just utility.


Construction, etc.

Thanks for stopping by Jim’s Place. We’re here to help provide you with the inside track on what’s what construction wise in OKC. Looking for plumbing, cabinets, or even installation guides? We’ve got it right here. Please check back soon for more info!

Yongjun Wang.

Efficacy outcomes were analyzed according to prespecified subgroups also. All reported efficacy and protection outcomes were confirmed by a central adjudication committee that was unaware of the study-group assignments. The committee members classified ischemic-stroke subtypes based on available diagnostic research. A data and security monitoring board whose associates were selected by the sponsor was set up to ensure the safety of patients during the study, with predetermined periodic assessments of protection and stopping rules.05, assuming a meeting rate of 14 percent in the aspirin group and a 5 percent overall rate of withdrawal .21 No patient withdrew between your right period of randomization and the administration of the first dose of study medication; all analyses were based on the population of sufferers who underwent randomization. Continue reading

Sensitive Blood Test May Help Rule Out CORONARY ATTACK: WEDNESDAY.

By using this new test, doctors may potentially double the true amount of low-risk patients in a position to be properly discharged from the emergency room, the experts reported in the Oct. 8 problem of The Lancet. Use of this approach is likely to have major benefits for both individuals and health-care suppliers, Shah said in a journal information release. For the study, the experts measured troponin levels in more than 6,000 patients admitted to a healthcare facility with chest discomfort, and assessed their risk for heart attack and death from coronary attack within 30 days. The investigators found that 61 % of the individuals with a troponin level below 5 ng/L were at suprisingly low risk of coronary attack and could have already been discharged early, of age regardless, gender, and risk factors for heart disease. Continue reading

Affymetrix enters distribution agreement with Fisher Scientific for GeneAtlas System Affymetrix.

Fisher Scientific includes a leading placement in the life sciences market and an unparalleled reach and a successful record of customer service and support. ‘We now have a partner with the industry’s strongest consumer channel to take this technology to the broadest existence scientist community, which is key to the GeneAtlas System’s success.’ The strategic partnership shall bring the excellent microarray technology of Affymetrix to every lab, putting whole-genome analysis in to the hands of every researcher who provides been limited by budget and inhibited by the complexity of microarray systems. Continue reading

According to a fresh study by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

‘Living kidney transplantation may be the optimum treatment for individuals with end-stage renal disease, offering the very best quality of existence and longest survival,’ said Amber Reeves-Daniel, D.O., assistant professor of nephrology at Wake Forest Baptist and lead writer of the study. African-Us citizens comprise 12.6 % of the U.S. Population and approximately one-third of the dialysis human population. However, they received only 13.5 % of the living kidney transplants performed in 2011, Reeves-Daniel said. Related StoriesMouse study shows active component in marijuana may delay rejection of incompatible organsMembers enrolled in Medicare Advantage content with their plans, study findsWider geographic posting of pediatric donor lung area can increase transplant prices for young U.S. Continue reading

The FDA can only action in the context of scientific evidence and inquiry electile dysfunction.

AACR offers a compendium of best research practices to assist the FDA in regulating tobacco When President Barack Obama signed the Family Cigarette smoking Prevention and Control Action in June, he ushered in a fresh era of tobacco plan that empowers the meals and Medication Administration to regulate one of the world’s most controversial and deadly consumer products electile dysfunction . However, the FDA can only action in the context of scientific evidence and inquiry, and while a step is represented by the tobacco legislation forward, anyone who has made tobacco research their life’s work see challenges forward. Continue reading

Abdelilah el Barzouhi.

Similar results were seen in individuals with persistent leg and back again pain at 12 months and in those without such discomfort and in people that have an RDQ rating of at least 14 and those with a score of significantly less than 14 . Readers’ ratings on the 4-stage scale assessing the current presence of disk herniation on MRI did not distinguish between patients with a favorable outcome versus people that have an unfavorable outcome . With respect to the cutoff stage on the 4-stage scale that was utilized to determine a positive check, sensitivity ranged from 0.14 to 0.32 and specificity from 0.65 to 0.85 . Continue reading

Apurva Narechania.

Aureus RN4220, S. Aureus COL, and E. Faecalis OG1RF as recipients . A donor-to-recipient ratio of 1 1:10 was utilized for mating experiments, as described previously. To determine whether vanA was present on a plasmid, S1 nuclease digestion of total DNA, coupled with PFGE and hybridization with a vanA probe, was performed.16,17 PCR assays targeting pSK41-like6 and Inc18-like plasmids6 and the rep plasmid households18 were performed to classify plasmid replicons. Whole-Genome Sequencing and Phylogenetic Evaluation BR-VSSA, BR-VRSA, and VREF isolates were evaluated by way of whole-genome sequencing by using the Illumina platform. Continue reading

Phase in cuts ASTRO.

Furthermore, CMS agreed with the majority of ASTRO’s recommendations regarding the doctor practice expense survey info, making several important adjustments particular to radiation oncology. Related StoriesLilly expands existing immuno-oncology collaboration with AstraZenecaFDA approves LONSURF for treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancerTocagen's Toca 511 & Toca FC receives FDA orphan medication designation for treatment of glioblastoma’ASTRO is very pleased by CMS’s final decision and remains committed to working with the National government and Congress to make sure that healthcare reform techniques forward and cancer patients with coverage and usage of important radiation oncology solutions. Continue reading

6 million enrollees around the corner.

That number, reported by wellness insurers in the condition, reflects a recently available surge in enrollees from the latest statistics released by the federal government. As of the end of February, federal officials said, Georgia's exchange enrollment totaled 139,371. Wednesday that of the Georgia enrollees The Office of state Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens also said, 144,665 had paid premiums for his or her new coverage . Continue reading

The most deadly type of skin cancer.

A loving partner can save your skin Even couples which have been collectively for years could be embarrassed to let a spouse or partner see their very poor bodies naked in shiny light . That shyness can hamper a couple’s willingness to accomplish total body skin exams on one another to check for a new or recurring melanoma. Melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer, can appear in several spot therefore these checks are important. ‘I had a female tell me, ‘I don’t wish my husband seeing all my cellulite and extra fat rolls’,’ said June K. Robinson, M.D., a professor of scientific dermatology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg College of Medicine. Continue reading

In a few circumstances.

Are you in an intervention? Share your encounters in the remarks below or by using the hashtag #14Times. For even more on the #14Times challenge, have a look at these healthy lifestyle suggestions and stress relief methods. Also, hear what Dr. Drew said the other day about stigma and addiction. And get inspired by Gabrielle Bernstein’s take on recovery and miracles.. #14Days: When to stage an intervention People afflicted with the condition of addiction could be incapable of understanding that they are in trouble and want help. Continue reading

And Hitinder S.

In addition, improving both in-hospital postdischarge and care caution remain key targets for enhancing long-term outcomes after ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. There were some limitations to this scholarly study. First, it was an observational research. There have been demographic, clinical, and procedural differences among the sufferers over the course of the scholarly study. In addition, it is possible that there were unmeasured adjustments in the characteristics of the individual population such that an increase in risk during the research period could have prevented a decrease in overall mortality despite improvements in door-to-balloon times. Continue reading

A Mary Frances Purse Is Always Handcrafted A Mary Frances purse is a original creation always.

The procedure starts with luxurious fabrics, styled and decorated with beads, brocading, silk, stones, and feather trims, completed with a jeweled or metallic strap usually. Mary Frances was fascinated with the local artists she saw in her hometown of Oakland, Ca. She was importing females accessories but was uninterested in the selection available, therefore she started making and designing purses in her living room. Her home based business grew so quickly she had to go to a warehouse in just four short weeks. She managed from a warehouse in Piedmont for the next eleven years. She right now heads up a multi-million dollar business, based in Lafayette currently, Ca. She’s 40 workers at the neighborhood office, office staff and sales representatives. Continue reading

Perhaps you have given very much though to selecting the correct mat.

The rubber mats aren’t good for outdoor use as they tend to breakdown with too much exposure to the sun. If you are into even more natural chemicals, you can buy mats made from cotton, hemp or different organic fibers. These too come in many colours and styles. One of the best features of these kinds of mats is the ability to absorb sweat. These helps to prevent slippage and feasible injury. However, it is best to avoid using these on hard floors as they might slip. Continue reading

Linda Brubaker.

Albo, M.D., Elizabeth Mueller, M.D., Gary Sutkin, M.D., Tracey S. Wilson, M.D., Yvonne Hsu, M.D., Thomas A. Rozanski, M.D., Leslie M. Rickey, M.D., David Rahn, M.D., Sharon Tennstedt, Ph.D., John W. Kusek, Ph.D., and E. Ann Gormley, M.D. For the Urinary Incontinence Treatment Network: A Randomized Trial of Urodynamic Examining before Stress-Incontinence Surgery In the usa in 2010 2010, 260 approximately,000 women underwent surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence.1 Urodynamic studies, which assess physiological variables during bladder emptying and storage, are often performed preoperatively to confirm and characterize the scientific features of strain urinary incontinence or even to lead decisions about modifications in treatment.2-4 However, these research have not been proven to boost surgical outcomes, they are unpleasant and costly ,5 and the risk is increased by them of urinary tract infection.6 A Cochrane review7 and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in the United Kingdom8 have recommended that randomized, managed trials be performed to address the relevant query of whether performing preoperative urodynamic studies increases outcomes. Continue reading

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